James Nalley is a full-time freelance writer specializing in travel, history, culture and music. He is the Feature Writer for the Latin America and Caribbean travel section at Suite 101, one of the top online magazines based in Vancouver, Canada. He is also the leading historical contributor to Discover Maine magazine, an award-winning monthly publication that focuses on the history of Maine’s beautiful urban and wilderness regions. His favorite writing assignments have been on travel in Central America and lesser-known historical occurrences throughout the world, particularly in regard to stories of sacrifice and putting one’s life before another. The inspiration behind the title of this blog is from the first composition in Robert Schumann’s “Scenes from Childhood” entitled “Von fremden Ländern und Menschen”. Meaning Of Foreign Lands and People, stories in this blog relate directly to travel in interesting countries and stories of extraordinary people who should be noticed.

When he is not writing travel or historical articles, he serves as an academic editor for the Enago Corporation based in Tokyo, Japan, as well as Mumbai, India. He also finds time to write commercially for the travel sections of Demand Media Studios on subjects ranging from hotels to automobiles.

His articles have been published in more than one hundred magazines and websites, including many national publications such as Elks National (with a readership of one million), USAToday Travel Tips, Ponds and Gardens USA, Rock and Gem, Ohio History, Bend of the River,  FIDO Friendly and Arizona Wildlife magazines. Nalley holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Rochester in Music and Literature.

Nalley’s travel writing assignments have been mostly on Central America with a primary focus on Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Honduras. The countries not only include beautiful landscapes and friendly people but stories of sacrifice and tragedy through years of civil war, oppression and revolution.

He lives part of the year in Nicaragua and feels at “home” whenever he is there. Whether it is sitting in a handcrafted rocking chair made by craftsmen from Los Pueblos Blancos, eating fresh fish on the beach at Poneloya or exploring the beautiful churches in León, he enjoys writing about it. His favorite travel activities include hiking through the rain forests, climbing mountains, relaxing on a quiet beach, enjoying different customs and exploring ancient structures. All of Nalley’s travel articles are based on first-hand experiences and he has visited every destination that he has written about.

Read more of his stories on his other blog:  “Made in Central America“.

Thank you for visiting and please enjoy the stories.

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